Special for teachers

$225.00 with 20% discount = $180

Offered: Friday, August 5th ~ 9am-4pm

You are busy all the school year and you get only a few short months in the summer. PhotoTrainer loves teachers, and has a special discounted class dates during your summer months off. Yes, these are Fridays and you do need to come to one of these dates.

As we have all seen, the smartphone has revolutionized communication and this is especially true for young people.

If you own a DSLR camera, you can use it and photography to enhance your teaching dramatically. The DSLR is more than a camera, it is a Musical  Instrument for Light and exquisite tool for creative communication. Not only will I show you how to own and operate this camera, I will also teach you how to make it sing.  Sign up for this class and be ready to tell us on the day of class where you teach and whom you teach, you will be in good company!

~Tom Upton

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Here’s a great idea…

Give this class as a gift! Just contact me and I’ll arrange it. What a nice person you are!”

What is a DSLR/M?

I teach how to use cameras in Manual Mode, the most creative mode in which to use your camera. Once you are comfortable with Manual Mode the other modes fall neatly into place, and your camera’s functionality opens up like a Lotus Flower.

The way to know if your camera is good for PhotoTrainer is to see if the lens is interchangeable. If you can swap lenses this is good – sign up and take my class with this camera. Cameras with fixed lenses, are in the “point and shoot” genre and rarely stop down lower than f/8. Taking this class with one of these cameras is like taking a shower with a raincoat on. Not recommended. 🙁


“The DSLR Jumpstart class was perfectly utilized. Tom was very patient and even though my camera was not a classic DSLR (I have the Sony Nex 5n, mirrorless), he was prepared specifically for me with a reference sheet and explanations. Besides that I understand better how to use my camera and take better pictures for my food blog. I highly recommend this class.”

– Mark Hassin