2017 Fall PAL Portraiture Lighting class

Sponsored and hosted by the Pacific Art League

The Pacific Art League is an august and revered Palo Alto art resource and I am honored to be working with them. Join me and the Pacific Art League for a one day portraiture lighting class! We will start with traditional studio lighting in my photo studio at 616 Ramona street, a two minute walk, three doors down from PAL. We will start in the studio with a demonstration of three point lighting. This is the foundation lighting tenet for regarding and assessing light on the human face. I will then do demonstrations of  Single Source, Rembrandt, Clamshell, Beauty, and for dramatic effects, Film Noir, and Horror. We will then work in groups and make photographs of real live people, while working the light. By “trying your hands” at these techniques, you will learn about light and to make far better portraits than in the past.

After a break for lunch, we will repair to the Pacific Art League and environs to look at and work with Natural Light, applying and considering the principals we learned in the morning. Ambient light –the light we have on hand to work with most of the time. This session will improve your versatility and ability to see and craft a portrait on the fly, in the spur of the moment. Yes, you can use your iPhones if you must but the class will be more rewarding with a DSLR or some such camera, and you will need a tripod, as this is a proper portraiture class where we work carefully and thoughtfully with a subject and an assistant, and the tripod become your friend.

I look forward to working with you!

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