Photography for Bloggers


Offered: Sunday, August 14th

OK, you have found your passion in Cars, music, food, beauty, fashion, movies, health, design and technology.  You started a blog. And you are unhappy with your photos! This can be tricky from the high end rigs like the vaunted DSLR down to the vaunted “Cool-Shot” compact point-n-shoots, yet you know that you can get decent photographs from your smart phone, so what the heck is the deal with that? The camera, its technology, and the Light, is where the problem lies like a sleeping irritable giant. Let sleeping trolls lie.

In this class I demonstrate good lighting, propping, camera techniques, (with whatever camera you have! Yes, Mr. DSLR gets off his High Horse for this class) for you to get great shots that tell your stories. I have abundant hard fact-based and more hyphen-etically useful tips and methods to make your blog look like you hired me – a professional –to shoot for your blog.

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Here’s a great idea…

Give this class as a gift! Just contact me and I’ll arrange it. What a nice person you are!”

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