Photographic Composition Course


Offered: Tuesday eves, March 21 – April 11, May 9 – 30 ~ 7pm to 9pm

Learn the vernacular behind the literature of photographs and what makes some photographs strong and some weak. Then make more interesting photographs yourself! Join us for a spirited and engaging exploration and discourse on what makes photographs work. We look at Composition’s tenets and we look at your work, so bring it! Photography is an art and as such wants to be practiced.

Photographic Composition
Tuesday 09 May 2017,7:00 PM
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Using Richard Zakia’s seminal work Photographic Composition: A Visual Guide, we will explore as a group the craftwork of making photographs visually compelling. Learning photographic composition as a tool teaches us the vernacular to converse about and thus practice better photography. It will transform your visual sense. You can use any camera you want, even your iPhone.

This class is offered on four concurrent Tuesday evenings from 7 to 9 pm. Early in the evenings we will explore geometrics, figure, ground, depth, framing, camera angle, light, shadow and more. Later in the class period we will share work, from assignments, yes, there are light assignments!  This is the class where you can refine your work quickly with deliberation, so jump in! It’s for avid photographers who want to improve their skills. Enrollment is limited. This is NOT a camera class, so bring the camera you like to use and are comfortable with.

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