Advanced Portraiture Workshop


Offered: Saturday, Feb 17, 2018  |  9am – 5pm

Portraiture is a deliberate act of communion.

Join me, and an experienced model for a day of portrait photography in the studio as well as quirky and pastoral urban settings around downtown Palo Alto. Get to know a studio Hot Light from a Strobe light and advanced techniques to make great images. We work in the studio and then in various locations in Palo Alto exploring the environmental portrait, photographing interesting people in interesting places.

This portraiture workshop is for people who are comfortable with their cameras in manual mode and want to move beyond the grip & grin, shoot & run practices we see in abundance everyday everywhere. There is a difference between taking pictures and making photographs. Learn better portraiture lighting, the shapes of the human face, and posing the body. We will do this in the studio and in natural light. Above all, learn how to work with your human subjects to get the best possible portrayals of their personalities and spirit. Portraiture is a deliberate act of communion.

This class, limited to six people, runs from 9am to 5pm with a lunch break. Treat yourself to a real day’s worth of photography!

What is a DSLR and Mirrorless Note:

Digital Single Lens Reflex (or Mirrorless). I teach how to use all real cameras in manual mode. Know manual mode and your camera opens up like a lotus flower. Perhaps less flowery, and more to the point, your other creative modes A, S, and P fall neatly into place.

If your lens is interchangeable, you have a DSLR. Or a mirrorless camera.The Mirrorless camera is a lot of camera packed into a tiny body. Here you have an electronic viewfinder. These smaller, lighter mirrorless cameras sport very dense interfaces, and they are all very different from one another. Don’t sweat the funny icons and symbols, I take care of that. I promise. ~TEU

“The DSLR Jumpstart class was perfectly utilized. Tom was very patient and even though my camera was a Sony Nex 5n, mirrorless, he was prepared specifically for me with a reference sheet and explanations. I now understand how to use my camera and take better pictures for my food blog. I highly recommend this class.”

– Mark Hassin

Feathered light beauty lighting setup