Lightroom 101


Offered: Sundays, October 8th, November 12th ~ 9am to 12:30pm

More than ever Photographs play important role in our lives every day and almost every minute. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is pretty much required if you use a high-end camera for raw and large jpeg files. Not only that; it is Fabulous! Lightroom is essential to your growth as a photographer helping you to manage, review, repair, perfect and bring your images into the world. In a world where Content is King, knowing what to do with a photograph after you create it holds more potential more than ever.

Lightroom is the program for photographers. It IS deep, and that is where I come in. With that nice new camera, you will keep accumulating more and more images  –Family, Business, Travel, Enjoying Life and they want to be organized!  Furthermore, Lightroom will assist you in making a great slideshow for work, creating a beautiful book or printing for a gallery show, Lightroom holds the key to bring the power of expression to your life without going bonkers.

My monthly Lightroom class is very specific and dialed-in. I introduce four of you to the Import panel and the Library module. This is the hardest part of Lightroom without a doubt and help here will ease your way forward. This small, 3.5 hour class will show you how to import your camera images and keep your photo library under your control. Edit and sort with ease and confidence. Create collections, use powerful key-wording tools, and prepare bodies of your work for the world at large. From here, Lightroom becomes easier to learn and practice. Your photos will thank you!

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