Natural Light Portraiture


Please check back schedules in spring!

PhotoTrainer Natural Light Workshop invites you to challenge yourself to grow as a photographer in a fabulous setting. Models, Cameras, and Natural Light; That’s right, only natural light in a 1920’s French Mediterranean style mansion.

Learn to work with light, your camera’s meter, and your brain. Explore single light source, contrast, shadow and fill light, explore these chiaroscuro and film noir lighting styles “au natural” in a timeless location. I will explain and demonstrate in a variety of interesting settings, and then give you time to shoot in this splendid place.

Mid day we break for lunch. Bring your own lunch, or go to Erik’s Deli right across the street if you like sandwiches.
In the Afternoon we continue with a natural light demos, in and outdoors and more shooting, with my supervision and kindly tutelage.

At this point you will shoot for the rest of the day with my help and working together in teams – shooting and assisting. You will get lots of time with the experienced models. I will be revolving you through Models and Settings so you get a good variety of portfolio grade photographs. This popular class is limited to 6, and tends to fill up quickly. This class has a follow-up evening session the Thursday after at PT World Headquarters from 7:00-9:00pm. Each student shares images from the day’s shoot. Please make sure you mark this on your calendar as it is most helpful and even more fun than the workshop day.

The field workshops are designed for people who have taken either the  Jumpstart Evening Class or the Jumpstart Deluxe Class. Or, if you are quite comfortable in Manual Mode, you are welcome to join us. If you have any questions at all call me, Tom (650) 325-8120.

Please note this workshop is for DSLR/M cameras. See the sidebar note!

What is a DSLR and Mirrorless Note:

Digital Single Lens Reflex (or Mirrorless). I teach how to use all cameras in Manual Mode, once you know Manual Mode your camera’s functionality opens up like a Lotus Flower.

The way to know if your camera is good for PhotoTrainer is to see if the lens is interchangeable.

The MIrrorless camera is a lot of camera packed into a tiny body. Here you have an electronic viewfinder. These smaller lighter mirrorless cameras also sport very confusing interfaces, and they are all very different from one another. Almost everyone is intimidated by this user interface condensation. Lucky me huh? AND I know deeply it would seem glib of me to simply say, "hey it is easy"

I know this is going to sound disingenuous, but Nevertheless, IF you can come the the class knowing how to navigate around your mirrorless camera Information/Interface, as a DISTINCT and SEPARATE activity from navigating your Menus/Setup information, THEN you will get a lot more out of the class and your svelte little camera. Don't sweat the funny icons and symbols, I take care of that. I promise. ~TEU

“The DSLR Jumpstart class was perfectly utilized. Tom was very patient and even though my camera was not a classic DSLR (I have the Sony Nex 5n, mirrorless), he was prepared specifically for me with a reference sheet and explanations. Besides that I understand better how to use my camera and take better pictures for my food blog. I highly recommend this class.”

– Mark Hassin