ExploreHummingbird Explore Time Change Alert! NOW at 5PM…
Palo Alto Baylands

 We checked out the Hummer activity yesterday and found the light was REAL nice towards sunset and made an executive decision to change the time for Saturday’s Explore.

Saturday, April 14, 2018 | 5-7pm  $50.00


Booking ended

Being in the flow with the birds and getting great shots can revitalize your photo habit. I’ll set you in motion and give you shooting pointers. Photos like these are not easy, yet not hard if you know what to do. The light is challenging (but that’s a good thing), focus is critical, and ISO can be puzzling.

I’ll cover camera settings and go over hummingbird behavior.We’ll meet at Palo Alto Baylands Duck Pond Parking Lot. Bring your long lenses! Be prepared for excellence!

 Here is your chance to shoot some angry birds for real!   ~TEU