Photo Explores

Polish your Practice!

The PhotoExplore events are for PhotoTrainer alumni to build camera skills in a real place in real time. This is the next step. Learning camera functions in class is one thing; practicing camera skills outside of the classroom is yet another! You can’t do this very well online.

I am offering an opportunity to shoot in a photogenic place with me by your side – a mini class is designed to be-out-and-about and hands-on. We work to improve and practice your metering and focusing skills – the two big tools to master in your camera. I am there to answer any questions that may come up during the Explore. I will do demos and give you handouts. The location will be photographically interesting and present some photographic challenges. The groups tend to be small and lively!

> Hidden Gems of Stanford Campus

> Portraits at the Pulgas Water Temple

> Portraits at Whiplash