Photo Explores:  Shoot in Cool Places!

Join me for these neato mini classes. Learn from a Pro!

~ New Explores coming. Watch this space. ~

The Photo Explore events are for PhotoTrainer alumni to practice camera skills you learned in class in a real place in real time with a real pro.

This is the next step. These photography events are set in a visually stimulating place. This emulates the drop-in yoga model, but is longer, more fun and brief enough to fit other things into your day. Learning camera functions sitting in class is one thing; practicing camera skills outside of the classroom is yet another! Get up and join us for In-Person! Everyone who has attended so far has loved it.

I am offering an opportunity to shoot in a photogenic place with me by your side – a mini class is designed to be-out-and-about and hands-on. We work to improve and practice your camera skills and composition skills. I am there to answer any address any issues that may come up. I will do metering and focus demos and give you handouts. The location will be photographically interesting and present some photographic challenges. The groups tend to be small and lively!

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve