New Explores: Shoot in Cool Places! Now half price!

Join me for these hands-on Mini Classes. Learn from a Pro. Neat-O!

That’s right, in-person and everything, no You Tube talking heads, no webinar bizzarro clickbait jive, just Yours Truly. In the flesh. Camera in hand. We are continuing the grand experiment that is PhotoTrainer Photo Explores. We are tweaking the mix, playing the paradigm, and modifying the model as it were … in the grand hope to get you all out to practice with us once in a while-month. Please have a look at these upcoming Explores. The effort here is to get you into a photographically-themed shooting situation, in a great place and give you access to some sage advice (with handouts, tips, and guidance). Then we set you loose to get great shots for a coupla hours and release you back into the wild for the rest of your day: None the worse for wear but fully Photographically Fundamental-ized for your very next hot date with your awesome camera! Got it? Yup, that’s $25 folks. Be there or be square and forever cursed with amateurish looking pictures. Period. End of story.

New Explore:

Natural Light Portraiture, July 20 ~ 9am-11am