Fireworks Photography Fandango!

4th of July 2016 at the Port of Redwood City*
6:30 to 10pm

Free PhotoTrainer Event!
Join us for the Fireworks at the Port of Redwood City 2016. Learn how to get great fireworks photos. Have a Come to Jesus moment with your tripod in a patriotic setting. And see stuff explode. I will guide you and coach you for the best Fireworks pic you can take. For Free!!! Yup. I will have drinks, enjoy great food trucks; Or BYO but do RSVP; and bring that tripod! This is a big deal so getting an early start is a very good strategy.

Come on out and take a break. There will be a band and yummy food trucks!

*RSVP (tom @ now AND do read this guide to 4th of July at the Port in RWC.