Sports photography for Busy Parents

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Sports photography for Parents

This is a DSLR class for busy parents of active kids. You have bought the camera and are stuck and frustrated with fuzzy action photos. This is not a beginner camera class, but a beginner sports photography class.

This class will very specifically show you how to use and set your DSLR camera (which is the best camera to use for this) for sports, Soccer, Vollyeball, tennis, plays, recitals and any other kind of kid-based locomotion. These techniques will also inform your photo efforts as well at family events, outings and soirees.

This class is in a busy parent format. It is from 9am to 12:30pm Wednesday morning. I hold it in Juana Briones Park in Palo Alto. We have a sporty model who will run jump and perform for us. I will demonstrate and then you will shoot with my supervision. We will look at the work in the camera right away with the tools built in to the camera's little darkroom. We repeat this shoot and review cycle to get very comfortable shooting all kinds of sporty activities.

Please note this workshop is for the DSLR camera. You need one of these cameras to participate in this class. Please read "Is your camera a DSLR?" to determine if your camera is a Single Lens Reflex camera. Most 4/3rds "mirrorless" with electronic viewfinders (and slow autofocus) cameras are NOT suitable for action photography or this class.