12 steps back…Why your Phone is NOT a Camera

12 steps back: Why your phone is NOT a camera  ~By Tom Upton, Photography Addict I'm Tom, I am a cameraholic... Lens Issues~ 1) Teeny tiny "lens". Teeny tiny sensor. Weensy entrance pupil. To perform in low light this thing must borrow heavily from the sensor’s...

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What Camera Should I buy…or… Finding a camera to love…

First things first, those point n shoots we were infatuated with for decades have become photography’s lovelorn. I am going to advise you on how to find love in a DSLR or a DSLM. (Digital Single Lens Reflex/Mirrorless camera) We have all seen the Billboards from Apple, now iPhone6 photos can be blown up to 24 feet. iPhone. Yup. You no longer need

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The Greatest Photo Ever (of Muhammed Ali)

“The Greatest” Muhammed Ali by Gregory Heisler for Time Magazine
Sport and Humanitarian Icon Muhammed Ali photographed by Gregory Heisler for Time Magazine for an article on Parkinson’s Disease. One of the greatest photographs ever made, in my humble opinion…

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